Love Sensual concert


Live Concert Stony and Vanny Jordan "Love Sensual" 
in the hotel Valamar Diamant Poreč 03-05/05/2019 (start at 00:03h)




STONY is French Caribbean Singer


Originally from the island of Guadeloupe & endowed with a certain vocal talent, the new face of Zouk is called Stony.
Rocked by such great voices as Tanya Saint Val, Patrick Saint Eloi or Edith Lefel, Stony chose to pay tribute to his island and share his love for music with his audience.
The adventure begins in May 2010. While she is a Gospel chorister, Stony meets "Moun", who becomes its producer and manager of the label B.M. Music. Together, they begin a musical work that gives birth to "Away from me".
This title provokes such positive reactions, that the label decides to launch the young artist on a second single and to put the means.
This is how the public discovers "Come back to me" featuring Daddy Killa, on the compilation Zouk 2011 Wagram Music. "The work is announced" Tube "as soon as it is released, if indeed the record company promotes it first single from the compilation.
Rightly, because this title propels Stony at the top of the poster. A real success in metropolis, the West Indies, Guyana, Africa and the Indian Ocean, which will continue at the release of his third single "Mi amor" thanks to which she is crowned "Artist of the Year 2011" .
Subsequently the discotheques of the French-speaking countries are torn off in the space of a few months. It also occurs throughout France, Dom-Toms, Cameroon or the United States.
During his concert at the Cigale in Paris, Stony meets a success such that it shows complete. Her fame earned, she even gets a Lokal Award with his hit "Women fatal" duet with Kim.
It's December 19, 2011, about a year after the label B.M. Music discovered, that Stony presents his first album "My emotions", under the artistic and vocal direction of Dezay.
This album describes the different emotions with which Stony goes on a daily basis.
It includes the participation of zouk personalities such as Marvin, Warren, Ali Angel or Thierry Delannay. "My Emotions" also included collaborations with rapper Mac Tyer or M'Wayne.
An outbreak of sensitivity, more than a beautiful silhouette, Stony proves to be an overflowing performer of emotions that she bequeaths through a first opus promising herself. A personal title for this project chooses by itself for an overflowing intensity ...

Vanny Jordan


VANNY JORDAN is and singer-songwriter


born on the Pacific coast of Colombia. Coming from afro colom-bienne culture, Vanny has been in France since the age of 14. He had to reconcile his law studies with his passion for music. Already he dreamed of becoming an eclectic artist of rap, salsa and reggaeton. These different influences have become his references for making music in accordance with his artistic principles. Vanny affirmed his style by producing his album "Fusionando la Mùsica". This album mixes irresistible funky and latino grooves that can reach an audience of all cultural backgrounds, the artist knows how to transmit a warm atmosphere and make music lovers dance on all sides. On stage accompanied by seven musicians (percussion, brass ...) and dancers, this group ensures a festive universe proper to the Latino spirit. Vanny Jordan has done many tours where he had the opportunity to work, and share the stage with artists like Shakira, Pitbull, Johny Clegg, Aventura, Pueto Rico's El Gran Combo. These tours led him to perform in Europe, the East, the USA and Latin America















Poreč, Croatia


mob: 385 98 969 0024

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