Sea Sensual Latino day concert


Live Concert Croma Latina "Sea Sensual Latino Day"
on Obala maršala Tita (Coast Marshal Tito)
in Poreč 04/05/2019 (start in 20:30h)


Sea Sensual Latino Day is a new music project. The first part of the program will consist of show performances. Then, will join on stage the most prominent singer group Croma Latina will have an amazing live concert and performance. All Latino music lovers will enjoy in this music show with unique fusion of techniques, vibrant sounds, rhythms and melodies of Latin American music.


CROMA LATINA is band born in Italy in the renound Adriatic Rivera city of Cattolica. Their store started 10 years ago following a holiday on the Caribbean Island of Cuba where life follows the rhythm of music and dancing. It was in this context the founder of the band Olmi Fausto fell in love with the magical rhythm of the Salsa.
The band is made up of 10 musician all with grat musical experiencia, Olmi Fausto is the leader and founder of the band with the splendid soloist’s voicesof Max and Rita (who is also the spokeswoman for the group).
CROMA LATINA entered as a market leader of the South American Latin Music scene in 2001 further specialising in the salsa rhythm giving them great succes in Italy.
Their first CD was with a famous song “Quella Carezza Della Sera” from 1970 by the band New Trools, transformed in rhythm salsa wwith the title of “La Caricia”.
The success of first CD prometed CROMA LATINA to issue a second single CD “Figli Delle Stelle” by Alan Sorrenti. Following this a great succes in the latin clubs scene arrived with the trasformation in Salsa version of song titled “Più Che Puoi” in Spanish “Mas Que Puedas” componed by Eros Ramazzotti. Recently this song was used for the popular Rai 1 Italian Nacional televisión series conducted by Millie Carlucci “Dancing on Ice”.
In a short time CROMA LATINA has further enriched their disco graphic releases with their own entertaining composition entitled “Baila Y Toka”.
Without doubt CROMA LATINA has contributed in a major way in the evolution of the Latin Music scene in Italy. There are many important Latin American artist who have shared the stage with them i.e.
Alfredo De La Fè, Jhonny Ray, Jimmy Bosch, Paulito FG, Frankie Negron, Luisito Rosario, Alex Bello, Toke De Keda and many more.
In the summer of 2004 CROMA LATINA released a new CD entitled “Una Nuova Estate” (A new Summer) placing themselves amongst the 30 Latin American songs most danced in the USA: This Italian release made them very proud because it merced the oficial entry of CROMA LATINA into the American Latin Music scene.
















Poreč, Croatia


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