Basi & Deisy



Basilio Gonzalez Matallaños is professional dancers, choreographer and instructor from Madrid, Spain. He dance from the age of 10 at many shows and perform with his dancers group.

He have his own dance school in Madrid, and many years dance at the national and international congresses all over the world with his dance partner Desy Carrera Loor from Ecuador.

Basi & Desy develop their own style plenty of beautiful movements and fluid techniques that’s gave at their Bachata a special new modern style.

She grows up with the passion for dance, at the age of 5 years old she start to dance Dominican Bachata, amazing footwork and movement. Today she gave all the best in her class of Lady style and teach how attitude you must have when dance Bachata.

Their class and master class are recognized all over the world at many national and international congresses for fluidity and particular explanation techniques.

When we asked what is the most important when you teach your students? They answer:

The most important when you teach somebody is to transmit your passion for dance, share this love with peop

le all over the world and make their happy!!!!!!!

Lo que mas no interesa es hacer feliz a la gente transmitiendo esta gran pasión que es el baile

10:30 - 12:30 Workshops

Friday April 30th


Workshops for begginner, intermediate and advanced dancers