Paulina Turska

Salsa Shines

PAULINA TURSKA I’ve been working for more than 12 years as a professional salsa dancer, a personal trainer and an actress. Currently I’m preparing my own dance shows and mentoring groups of people to have great fit.

I love doing what I’m most passionate about. For me Salsa is all about elegancy, apperal, smooth flow of body, balance and partnering; acting is a way to discover myself, work on my sensors and deliver my emotions by speaking trutfully; and personal training is all about self disipline, being organized and hard work.

Challenge motivates me. Managing stress, handling the presure in highly dynamic environment is something that I’m used to. I’m comfortable modeling in front of large groups which I’ve already done both in my TV and stage shows. Today, I feel ready to be part of your team and follow the best path to achieve my goals.