Live Concert Mario Crespo Martinez & band
Trg na Obali maršala Tita
Poreč 30. 04. 2022 (start at 21:00h)

MARIO CRESPO MARTINEZ (Cuba) Born on December 21, 1969 in Santa Clara (Cuba), as a child he began playing in a sextet of Cuban son in the house of the culture of his country. At eleven, following in the footsteps of his father Mario Crespo Valdèz, he joined the Movement of the Nueva Find, as one of the youngest member. At the age of twelve he studied guitar at the art school Olga Alonzo in Santa Clara, showing the taste for harmony, arrangements and musical composition. He therefore decides to continue his musical studies at the Havana at ENIA (National School of Art Instructors) specializing in the direction of musical ensembles. During his school years at Habana he studied electric bass with the maestro Carlos del Puerto (bassist of the Irakere group) and harmony e composition with Tulio Peramo. After graduating, he returns to Santa Clara, and is called to do military service. At the same time, he participates in jazz festivals and continues to experiment with complexes in the central area of ​​Cuba, such as the “Incognita” group of Hamed Torrecilla. In 1991 he moved to Havana and started teaching music in the House of Culture of San Miguel del Padròn. In 1992 it is called as bass player from Arte Vivo, a well-known Cuban symphonic rock band and has the opportunity to divide the scene with musicians of the caliber of Ruben Chaviano, Carlos Sarmiento, Manuel Camejo, Jorge Almarales and Victor Fowler. He remained with Arte Vivo until 1994, when he arrived in Italy. In Italy Mario Crespo Martìnez, joins the Salsa group Libre, a salsa project made up of masters from the Arena’s orchestra in Verona, Italy. Later he plays with Raiz Latina, one of the first groups in Italy and  recording the song ‘Pasion Mediterranea’. In 1998 he became part of the group that accompanies Robie Roberson North American guitarist founder of “The Band”, historical group by Bob Dylan, participating with him at the Sanremo Festival. Later he joined the Araya Sound group, experience that makes him know the Dj-Producer Tito Valdez and together with him  work  with the tim and composed the lucky song “Atrapado”. Together with the master Amilcar Soto Rodriguez he founded the Bongo Batà group in 2003 he produced his first work ‘Salsero Forever’. In 2004 he composed a single produced by Tito Valdez, “Enamorado De Ti” which includes 4 tracks, including the new bachata version of “Atrapado” and a remix of “Salsero Forever” for the new-born ‘Para Bailar Record’ label. After the breakup of the Bongo Batà group, he founded the new band Sheke Sheke, with which it presents a repertoire that embraces the best of the current salsa scene, integrated with its great successes. This new Mario project puts a lot of emphasis on new musical trends like Reggaeton and Hip Hop Latin, fusions already manifested in his musical style for which it can be considered a precursor. Furthermore he organize a series of conferences on history and the analysis of “salsa” music, proposals in various events such as “Estudiando e Rumbeando “of the‘ Metangala ’school of master Esmil Diaz. In recent years he has also dealt with the production of other artists and groups. Among these  with his  famous group Caiman he produced the last album “Besos y Abrazos”. ‘Salsatoneando’ is the mini-cd released in 2009 consisting of 3 tracks, plus a reggaeton remix, while ‘En Resumidas Cuentas’ is just a collection, already known pieces, such as “Atrapado” and “Dale Ven”, but remastered and even re-recorded, and unpublished pieces, like the song “Hay Que Ver” dedicated to the Italian salsero movement, a tribute of the Cuban singer to Italy, a land that allowed him to live and grow in his profession. Discography –
  • Salsero Forever (2003) with Bongo Batà;
  • Salsatoneando (2009) – mini cd;
  • En Resumidas Cuentas (2011)